1   Definition

The Identifier of the human inferred from their utterances. The Speaker ID may be derived by analysing speech segments of the speaker under consideration. The scope of the ID may cover the members of an authorised group, such as the members of a family, specific employees of a company, or the customers of a car renting company.

2   Functional Requirements

MPAI has specified the format of Instance ID that is agnostic of the nature of the Object to be Identified. Speech is treated in the same way as any other object that is identified as a member of a class of objects.

3   Syntax

No Syntax provided as Instance ID is sufficient for the identified needs.

4   Semantics

No Semantics provided.

5   Data Formats

Instance ID is one Data Format.

6   To Respondents

Respondents are invited to:

  1. Comment or elaborate on the MPAI Instance ID format for Speaker Identifier.
  2. Propose extensions to the identified technologies or new ones.