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  1. MPAI; Technical Specification: Governance of the MPAI Ecosystem (MPAI-GME) V1.1; https://mpai.community/standards/mpai-gme/.
  2. MPAI; Technical Specification: AI Framework (MPAI-AIF) V2; https://mpai.community/standards/mpai-aif/.
  3. MPAI; Technical Specification: Avatar Representation and Animation (MPAI-ARA) V1; https://mpai.community/standards/mpai-ara/.
  4. MPAI; Technical Specification: Multimodal Conversation (MPAI-MMC) V2; https://mpai.community/standards/mpai-mmc/.
  5. Technical Specification: Context-based Audio Enhancement (MPAI-CAE) V2, https://mpai.community/standards/mpai-cae/.
  6. Universal Coded Character Set (UCS): ISO/IEC 10646; December 2020
  7. ISO/IEC 14496-10; Information technology – Coding of audio-visual objects – Part 10: Advanced Video Coding.
  8. ISO/IEC 23008-2; Information technology – High efficiency coding and media delivery in heterogeneous environments – Part 2: High Efficiency Video Coding.
  9. ISO/IEC 23094-1; Information technology – General video coding – Part 1: Essential Video Coding.
  10. ISO 8855:2011 – Road vehicles – Vehicle dynamics and road-holding ability – Vocabulary
  11. SAE; Vehicle Dynamics Terminology J670_202206; https://www.sae.org/standards/content/j670_202206/
  12. SAE; Levels of Driving Automation J3016; https://www.sae.org/binaries/content/assets/cm/content/blog/sae-j3016-visual-chart_5.3.21.pdf

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