1       Introduction

2       Scope

3       Definitions

4       References

5       General

6       Human and User

7       Process Interaction

8       Service Access

9       Finance

10     Perception

11     Space

12     Formats and Attributes

Sections 1-2-4 are contained in this page, Section 3 is online, Sections 5 to 11 specify the MPAI-MMM Items for which proposals of Functional Requirements Syntax, and Semantics, and Data Formats and Attributes of Items based on Data Types. Section 12 collects all requests organised by the MPAI-MMM Items of sections 5 to 11.

The MPAI Metaverse Model is specified in the MPAI Metaverse Model Architecture. See the MMM-TEC Call for Technologies:

1        Introduction

In early 2022, Moving Picture, Audio, and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence (MPAI) [1] started an analysis of metaverse standardisation prospects. In 2023 it started the MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) and published two Technical Reports, on MPAI-MMM Functionalities [6] and Functionality Profiles [7], and a Technical Report on MPAI-MMM Architecture (MMM-ARC) [8].

This document develops the Functional Requirements for Technical Specification: MPAI-Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) – Technologies (MMM-TEC) that MPAI is planning to develop. In accordance with the process established by the MPAI Statutes [2] and the MPAI Patent Policy [3], in MPAI requests parties having rights to technologies satisfying the MMM-TEC Use Cases and Functional Requirements [9] and MMM-TEC Framework Licence [10] to respond to the Call for Technologies preferably using the MMM-TEC Template for Responses [11].

MPAI is an international unaffiliated non-profit organisation having the mission to develop standards for Artificial Intelligence-enabled data coding and technologies facilitating integration of data coding components into Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems.

2        Scope

The MMM-ARC Technical Specification [8] specifies an Operation Model, four Functional Profiles, and a set of Functional Requirements for the four constituent elements of the MPAI Metaverse Model: Processes, Actions, Items, and Data Types.

This document refines the MPAI-MMM Functional Requirements [9] by developing the draft JSON Syntax and Semantics of all MPAI-MMM Items. Note that the Audio, Visual, and Audio-Visual Objects, Scenes, and Events are specified in [13] and widely used by other MPAI standards. The parallel Call for Technologies: Connected Autonomous Vehicle  (MPAI-CAV) – Technologies [15] also references the initial specification of such Items.

The MPAI-MMM Functional Requirements [9] references a future Technical Specification: MPAI Data Types, Formats, and Attributes (MPAI-TFA) that will integrate in a single specification all Data Formats that are:

  1. Already specified or referenced by MPAI-CAE, MPAI-CUI, MPAI-MMC, MPAI-OSD, and MPAI-PAF.
  2. Intended to be specified or referenced by the planned MPAI-MMM – Technologies and MPAI-CAV – Technologies Technical Specifications.

The Items in the following chapters are organised as in [8] and structured as:

  1. Definition
  2. Functional Requirements
  3. JSON Syntax
  4. Semantics
  5. Data Formats
  6. Request to Respondents

MPAI is requesting comments on and proposals for amendments, extensions, or replacement of:

  1. Functional Requirements, Syntax, and Semantics of MPAI-MMM – related Data Types in [].
  2. Classification, entries, and references to Data Formats.

Each Item in this document has associated “Data Formats” and “To Respondents” Section. They are collected in Chapter 12 for Respondents’ convenience.

3        Terms and Definitions

The MPAI Terms are defined at https://dn.mpai.community/

4        References

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