1     Functions

Portable Avatar Multiplexing (PSD-PAM):

Receives An arbitrary number of elements in Portable Avatar out of:.
– Portable Avatar ID
– Avatar Space-Time
– Avatar
– Language Selector
– Text Object
– Speech Model
– Speech Object
– Personal Status
– Audio- Visual Scene Space-Time
– Audio-Visual Scene Descriptors
– An existing Portable Avatar
Changes Existing with Input Data
Adds Input Data that is not in the Input Portable Avatar
Produces Portable Avatar

2      Reference Architecture

Figure 1 depicts the Reference Architecture of the Portable Avatar Multiplexing AIM.

Figure 1 – The Portable Avatar Multiplexing AIM

3      I/O Data

Table 1 specifies the Input and Output Data of the Portable Avatar Multiplexing AIM.

Table 1 – I/O Data of the Portable Avatar Multiplexing AIM

Input Description
AvatarID Avatar ID.
Avatar Space-Time Portable Avatar Time.
Avatar Avatar in Portable Avatar.
Language Selector Language of Avatar.
Speech Object The Speech in the time when the PA is valid.
Text Object The Time in the time when the PA is valid.
Speech Model The NN Model used to synthesise text.
Avatar Personal Status The Avatar’s Personal Status.
AV Scene Descriptors  Descriptors of AV Scene.
AV Scene Space-Time  Space-Time info of AV Scene.
Portable Avatar The input Portable Item.
Output Description
Portable Avatar The output Portable Item.

4     SubAIMs

No SubAIMs.

5     JSON Metadata


6.     Profiles

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