1      Functions

Personal Status Display (PAF-PSD):

Receives Machine ID
Text Object
Personal Status
Avatar Model
Speech Model
Produces Portable Avatar
Enables PAF-AVR to render the Portable Avatar produced by PAF-PSD.

2      Reference Model

Figure 1 depicts the AIMs implementing the Personal Status Display (PAF-PSD) AIM.

Figure 1 – Reference Model of Personal Status Display (PAF-PSD) AIM

3      I/O Data

Table 1 gives the Input/Output Data of Personal Status Display (PAF-PSD).

Table 1 – I/O Data of Personal Status Display

Input data From Description
Avatar ID Upstream AIM Portable Avatar’s ID
Avatar Model Upstream AIM or embedded in PSD Part of Portable Avatar
Text Object Keyboard or upstream AIM Texts of Portable Avatar
Personal Status Personal Status Extraction or Machine To add PS to Speech, Face, and Gesture
Speech Model Upstream AIM or embedded in PSD Neural Network
Output data To Description
Portable Avatar Downstream AIM or renderer As Portable Avatar

4      SubAIMs

Figure 2 gives the Reference Model of the the Personal Status Display Composite AIM.

Figure 2 – Reference Model of Personal Status Display Composite AIM

The Personal Status Display Composite AIM operates as follows:

  1. Avatar ID is the ID of the Portable Avatar.
  2. Personal Status Demultiplexing makes available the component PS-Speech, PS-Face, and PS-Gesture Modalities.
  3. Machine Text is synthesised as Speech using a Speech Model in a format specified by NN Format and the Personal Status provided by PS-Speech.
  4. Machine Speech and PS-Face are used to produce the Machine Face Descriptors.
  5. PS-Gesture and Text are used for Machine Body Descriptors using the Avatar Model.
  6. Portable Avatar Multiplexing produces the Portable Avatar.

Table 2 gives the list of PSD AIMs with their input and output Data.

Table 2 –AIMs of Personal Status Display Composite AIM and JSON Metadata

AIW/AIMs Name and Specification JSON
MMC-PDX Personal Status Demultiplexing X
MMC-TTS Text-to-Speech X
PAF-EFD Entity Face Description X
PAF-EBD Entity Body Description X
PAF-PMX Portable Avatar Multiplexing X

5     JSON Metadata


6. Profiles

The Profiles of Personal Status Display are specified.