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Table 1 provides the main functions of the Subsystems. The Chapters 6-0-8-9 specifies the Subsystems. Note that terms beginning with a capital letter are defined in Table 2.


Table 2 – Main functions of the MPAI-CAV Subsystems

Name Function
 HCI 1.      Recognises the humans having rights to the CAV.

2.      Receives and passes to the AMS instructions about the target destination.

3.      Interacts with humans by assuming the shape of an avatar.

4.      Activate other Subsystems as required by humans.

5.      Provides passengers with the Full Environment Representation received from the AMS.

 ESS 1.      Acquires and processes information from the Environment.

2.      Produces the Basic Environment Representation

3.      Sends the Basic Environment Representation to the AMS.

 AMS 1.      Computes the Route to destination based on information received from the HCI.

2.      Receives the Basic Environment Representation and from ESS and CAVs in range.

3.      Creates the Full Environment Representation.

4.      Issues commands to the MAS to drive the CAV to the intended destination.

 MAS 1.      Sends its Spatial Attitude and other Environment information to the ESS.

2.      Receives/actuates motion commands in the Environment.

3.      Sends feedback to the AMS,


1.      Receives the Basic Environment Representations from the Environment Sensing Subsystem

2.      Exchanges the Basic Environment Representation with other CAVs and computes the Full Environment Representation.

3.      Makes decision on how to best move the CAV to reach the destination, e.g., by avoiding a car suddenly appearing on the horizon.

4.      Issues appropriate commands to the Motion Actuation Subsystem.

1.      Interact and hold conversation with other humans on board and the Human-CAV Interaction Subsystem.

2.      Issue commands.

3.      Request the Full Environment Representation to render the environment.

4.      Interact with (humans in) other CAVs.

MPAI assumes that each of the four Subsystems of a CAV is an implementation of MPAI Technical Specification: AI Framework (MPAI-AIF) V2 [2]. An implementation of the AI Framework (MPAI-AIF) V2 executes an AI Workflow composed of AI Modules (AIM) in a secure environment. Annex 4 – Chapter 1 provides a concise description of the AI Framework.


Note that this Technical Specification:

  1. Does not make any assumption regarding the Location carrying out the processing required by Subsystem or AI Modules.
  2. Assumes that information processing, collection, and storage is performed according to the laws of the Location.

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