The Data Types are organised by the standards that specify them in categories and the definitions in two columns.

Currently, this page provides access to the Data Types specified by MPAI-CAE,  MPAI-CUI, MPAI-MMC, MPAI-OSD, and MPAI-PAF.

Standard Data Types Standard Data Types
CAE Audio
Audio Object
Audio Scene Descriptors
Audio Scene Geometry
Damaged List
Editing List
Enhanced Audio
Input Audio
Irregularity File
Microphone Array Geometry
Multichannel Audio
Multichannel Audio Stream
Output Audio
Preservation Files
Transform Audio
Transform Enhanced Audio
Transform Multichannel Audio
CUI Prediction Horizon
Financial Statement
Risk Assessment
Financial Features
Governance Features
Risk Matrix
Default Probability
Organisational Model Index
Business Discontinuity Probability
MMC Cognitive State
Language Identifier
Personal Status
Recognised Text
Refined Text
Social Attitude
Speech Descriptors
Text Descriptors
OSD Anchored Direction
Audio-Visual Object
Audio-Visual Scene Descriptors
Audio-Visual Scene Geometry
Input Visual
Instance Identifier
Output Visual
Point of View
Spatial Attitude
Visual Object
Visual Scene Descriptors
Visual Scene Geometry
PAF Avatar
Avatar Model
Body Descriptors
Body Object
Face Descriptors
Face Object
Gesture Descriptors
Portable Avatar