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2     Functions

The Conversation With Emotion (MMC-CWE) AIW:

  1. Receives:
    • Input Selector indicating use of Text or Speech.
    • Input Text, complementing or replacing the Audio Input and Visual Input.
    • Speech Object of the conversing human.
    • Face Object of the conversing human.
    • Understands the information and the Emotion of the human conveyed by Text, Speech, and Face.
  2. Produces and emits multimodal responses to the human in the form of Speech representing the response of the Machine and Output Visual conveying a face displaying the Emotion of the Machine and moving its lips synchronously with the Machine Text.

3      Reference Model

Figure 1 depicts the Reference Model of Conversation With Emotion AIW.

Figure 1 – Conversation With Emotion AIW

4      I/O Data

The input and output data of the Conversation with Emotion Use Case are:

Table 19 – I/O Data of Conversation with Emotion 

Input Descriptions
Input Selector Data determining the use of Speech vs Text.
Text Object Text typed by the human as additional information stream or as a replacement of the speech depending on the value of Input Selector.
Speech Object Speech of the human having a conversation with the machine.
Face Object Visual information of the Face of the human having a conversation with the machine.
Output Descriptions
Text Object Text of the Speech produced by the machine.
Speech Object Synthetic Speech produced by the machine.
Face Object Video of a Face whose lip movements are synchronised with the Output Speech and the synthetic machine emotion.

5      SubAIMs

AIW and AIMs Name JSON
MMC-ASR Automatic Speech Recognition X
MMC-ISD Input Speech Description X
PAF-IFD Input Face Description X
MMC-NLU Natural Language Understanding X
MMC-PSI PS-Speech Interpretation X
PAF-PFI PS-Face Interpretation X
MMC-PTI PS-Text Interpretation X
MMC-MEF Multimodal Emotion Fusion X
MMC-EDP Entity Dialogue Processing X
MMC-TTS Text-to-Speech X
MMC-VLA Video Lip Animation X

6    JSON Metadata