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This Chapter specifies nine Use Cases enabled by MPAI-MMC technologies with the support of other MPAI Technical Specifications. Each Use Case is implemented as an AI Workflow (AIW) composed of AI Modules (AIMs) executed in an AI Framework (AIF) and includes the following elements:

  1. Functions of the AIW
  2. Reference Architecture of the AIW
  3. Input and Output Data of the AIW
  4. Functions of the AIMs
  5. Input and Output Data of the AIMs
  6. JSON Metadata of the AIW and its AIMs.

Basic information on Technical Specification: AI Framework (MPAI-AIF) V2.0 is available here.

The MPAI-MMC V2.1 Use Cases are listed below. Each entry includes a link to the specification of the individual Use Case.

Conversation with Personal Status (MMC-CPS)
Conversation About a Scene (MMC-CAS)
Virtual Meeting Secretary (MMC-VMS)
Human-CAV Interaction (MMC-HCI)
Conversation with Emotion (MMC-CWE)
Multimodal Question Answering (MMC-MQA)
Unidirectional Speech Translation (MMC-UST)
Bidirectional Speech Translation (MMC-BST)
One-to-Many Speech Translation (MMC-MST)


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