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The first column of Table 2 provides the current list of names of AIMs requiring Profiles, the second column their acronyms, and the third column the JSON Metadata [2].

Table 2 – AIMs requiring Profiles

AIM Name Acronym
Audio-Visual Scene Rendering PAF-AVR
Entity Context Understanding HMC-ECU
Entity Dialogue Processing MMC-EDP
Natural Language Understanding MMC-NLU
Personal Status Display PAF-PSD
Personal Status Extraction MMC-PSE
Text and Speech Translation MMC-TST
Text-to-Speech MMC-TTS

This list will be revised if:

  1. Some AIMs currently without, subsequently require Profiles.
  2. The functionality of existing AIMs is extended in a way that requires Profiles.
  3. New AIMs requiring Profiles are specified.

Note that this document treats AIMs uniformly Composite AIMs (i.e., AIMs including interconnected AIMs)  and Basic AIMs (that do not include or do not expose AIMs).


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