1     Version


2     Function

Source Separation and Enhancement (CAE-SSE):

  1. Receives
    1. Transform Multichannel Audio
    2. Microphone Array Geometry.
  2. Separates the Audio Objects by using their Spatial Attitudes.
  3. Outputs the individual Audio Objects.

3     Reference Architecture

Figure 15 depicts the Reference Architecture of the Source Separation and Enhancement AIM.

Figure 15 – Audio Separation and Enhancement AIM

4     I/O Data

Table 10 specifies the Input and Output Data of the Audio Separation and Enhancement AIM.

Table 10 – I/O Data of Audio Separation and Enhancement

Input Description
Transform Multichannel Audio The result of the application of the Fast Fourier Transform to the Multichannel Audio.
Audio Spatial Attitudes The Orientations and Directions of Audio Objects.
Microphone Array Geometry The spatial arrangement of the microphones.
Output Description
Enhanced Transform Audio Multichannel Audio in the transform domain.
Audio Scene Geometry The spatial arrangement of the Audio Objects.

5    SubAIMs

No SubAIMs.

6     JSON Metadata