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2     Functions

  1. Receives Spherical Harmonic Decomposition Coefficients, Transform Speech, Audio Scene Geometry, and Source Model KB info.
  2. Eliminates background noise and reverberation which reduce the audio quality, acting as a Passthrough AIM if environmental conditions do not substantially add ambient noise to the desired speech.
  3. Produces Denoised Transform Speech

3      Reference Model

4      Input/Output Data

Input data Semantics
Spherical Harmonics Decomposition Coefficients Result of the transformation of Transform Multichannel Audio into the spherical frequency domain.
Transform Audio
Audio Scene Geometry
Source Model KB info Discrete-time and discrete-valued simple acoustic source models used in source separation.
Output data Semantics
Enhanced Transform Speech Transform Speech whose noise level has been reduced.

5      SubAIMs

No SubAIMs.

6      JSON Metadata