Technical Specification: Connected Autonomous Vehicle (MPAI-CAV) – Architecture  V1.0 (in the following also called MPAI-CAV – Architecture) specifies the Architecture of a Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) based on a Reference Model comprising:

  1. A CAV broken down into Subsystems for each of which the following is specified:
    • Functions
    • Input/output Data
    • Topology of Components
  2. Each Subsystem broken down into Components of which the following is specified:
    • Functions
    • Input/output Data.

Each Subsystem is assumed to be implemented as an AI Workflow (AIW) made of Components implemented as AI Modules (AIM) executed in an AI Framework (AIF) as specified by the AI Framework (MPAI-AIF) Technical Specification [4]. In the following, Systems will be  Annex 1 – Chapter 3 provides a high-level introduction to MPAI-AIF.

The structure of MPAI-CAV – Architecture is the following:

  • Chapter 3 collects Normative definitions applicable to this Technical Specification.
  • Chapter 4 collects Normative and some Informative references.
  • Chapter 5 Normatively specifies the Subsystem-level Architecture.
  • Chapters 0-7-0-9 Normatively specify the individual Subsystem Architectures.
  • Chapter 10 includes Informative elements of the so-called Communication Device enabling CAV Subsystems to communicate with their peers in other CAVs.

Users of this Technical Specification should note that:

  1. The input/output Data of Subsystems and Components have known semantics io maximise CAV Explainability.
  2. No support of specified CAV Subsystems and Components is mandated.
  3. Only the software Interfaces with the mechanical components of a CAV are specified, but not the mechanical components activated by the Interfaces.
  4. An implementation may merge a set of Components into one provided the external interfaces are preserved. Merged Components, however, may have reduced Explainability.
  5. No assumption is made on the location carrying out the processing required by the CAV.
  6. Processing, collection, and storage of information should be performed according to the laws applicable to the location.

This Technical Report has been developed by the Connected Autonomous Vehicle group of the Requirements Standing Committee. MPAI plans on specifying the Functional Requirements of the Formats of the I/O Data to/from Subsystems (AIW) and AIMs and other aspects in future Technical Specifications.