1      Definition

An Item that specifies:

  1. The Action that a Process can perform or has performed.
  2. Related data such as Time, Item, M-Location, U-Location etc.

2      Functional Requirements

ProcessAction includes:

  1. The ID of a Process.
  2. The Action it has performed, is asking to perform, or may perform.
  3. The Time during which the Action is performed.
  4. The Item | DataMdata | Media on which it performs the Action.
    • The ID of DataMdata and Media is that of the Item spawned by them.
  5. The ActionComplements defined below:
At Service | User | MLoc | ULoc The location of the Item possibly with Spatial Attitude.
By Service Service Used by Process to perform Action.
From Address | ULoc The location of the Item.
Into Item The Item that the Action leads to.
Of User The User the Item refers to.
To Address | Device | Process | User The location of the Item possible with Spatial Attitude.
With DataMdata | Stream Additional Item required to perform Action.
  1. The RequestAction
  2. The ResponseAction

The way Actions, Items, Durations, LocIDs, UlocIDs, etc. are combined is determined by the specific needs and need not be specified.

3      Syntax


4      Semantics

Label Size Description
Header N1 Bytes Process Action Data Header
– Standard 9 Bytes The characters “MMM-PAC-V”
– Version N2 Bytes Major version – 1 or 2 characters
– Dot-separator 1 Byte The character “.”
– Subversion N2 Byte Minor version – 1 or 2 characters
M-InstanceID N3 Bytes Identifier of M-Instance.
ProcessActionID N4 Bytes ID of Process Action.
Process ActionData[] N5 Bytes The number of Bytes composing the Process Action.
– ProcessID N4 Bytes ID of Process
– ActionID N5 Bytes ID of Action
– Duration 6 Bytes Duration of Action Performance.
– ActionObjectID N6 Bytes ID of Item, DataMdata, Media.
– ActionComplement[] N7 Bytes The Action prepositions.
  – At N8 Bytes ID of Process ∨ M-Loc ∨ U-Loc.
  – By N9 Bytes ID of Process.
  – From N10 Bytes ID of Address ∨ U-Loc.
– Into N11 Bytes ID of Item.
  – Of N12 Bytes ID of Process.
  –  To N13 Bytes ID of Address ∨ Process.
  – With N14 Bytes ID of DataMdata ∨ Stream.
– RequestAction N15 Bytes ID of Request-Action.
– ResponseAction N16 Bytes ID of Response-Action.
DescrMetadata N17 Bytes Descriptive Metadata.

5      Data Formats

No new Data Formats involved.

6      To Respondents

MPAI request comments on Functional Requirements of Process Action.