This page provides the links to the specifications of AIMs organised by the standards that specify them.

AIMs Name and AIW/AIM Specification JSON
CAE-AAT Audio Analysis Transform X
CAE-AMX Audio Descriptor Multiplexing X
CAE-AOI Audio Object Identification X
CAE-ASD Audio Scene Description X
CAE-ASE Audio Separation and Enhancement X
CAE-ASL Audio Source Localisation X
CAE-AST Audio Synthesis Transform X
HMC-ECU Entity Context Understanding X
HMC-SID AV Scene Integration and Description X
MMC-ASR Automatic Speech Recognition X
MMC-EDP Entity Dialogue Processing X
MMC-ISD Input Speech Description X
MMC-ITD Input Text Description X
MMC-NLU Natural Language Understanding X
MMC-PMX Personal Status Multiplexing X
MMC-PSE Personal Status Extraction X
MMC-PSI PS-Speech Interpretation X
MMC-PTI PS-Text Interpretation X
MMC-SCM Summary Creation Module X
MMC-SIR Speaker Identity Recognition X
MMC-TST Text and Speech Translation X
MMC-TTS Text-to-Speech X
MMC-TTT Text-to-Text Translation X
OSD-AMX Audio-Visual Scene Multiplexing X
OSD-AVA Audio-Visual Alignment X
OSD-AVS Audio-Visual Scene Description X
OSD-SDX Audio-Visual Scene Demultiplexing X
OSD-VDI Visual Direction Identification X
OSD-VII Visual Instance Identification X
OSD-VOE Visual Object Extraction X
OSD-VOI Visual Object Identification X
OSD-VSD Visual Scene Description X
PAF-AVR Audio-Visual Scene Rendering X
PAF-FIR Face Identity Recognition X
PAF-IBD Input Body Description X
PAF-IFD Input Face Description X
PAF-PFI PS-Face Interpretation X
PAF-PGI PS-Gesture Interpretation X
PAF-PMX Portable Avatar Multiplexing X
PAF-PSD Personal Status Display X