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2     Functions

This Use Case addresses the case of a human holding a conversation with a Machine:

  1. The human converses with the Machine indicating the object in the Environment s/he wishes to talk to or ask questions about it using Speech, Face, and Gesture.
  2. The Machine
    • Sees and hears an Environment containing a speaking human and some scattered objects.
    • Recognises the human’s Speech and obtains the human’s Personal Status by capturing Speech, Face, and Gesture.
    • Understands which object the human is referring to and generates an avatar that:
      • Utters Speech conveying a synthetic Personal Status that is relevant to the human’s Personal Status as shown by his/her Speech, Face, and Gesture, and
      • Displays a face conveying a Personal Status that is relevant to the human’s Personal Status and to the response the Machine intends to make.
    • Renders the Scene that it perceives from a human-selected Point of View. The objects in the scene are labelled with the Machine’s understanding of their semantics so that the human can understand how the Machine sees the Environment.

2      Reference Architecture

Figure 1 depicts the MMC-CAS Reference Architecture.

Figure 1 – The Conversation About a Scene (MMC-CAS) AIW

4      I/O Data

Table 1 gives the input/output data of Conversation About a Scene.

Table 1 – I/O data of Conversation About a Scene

Input data From Description
Input Visual Camera Points to human and scene.
Input Speech Microphone Speech of human.
Point of View Human The point of view of the scene displayed by Scene Presentation.
Output data To Descriptions
Output Visual Human Rendering of the Scene containing labelled objects as perceived by Machine and seen from the Point of View.
Machine Portable Avatar Human Portable Avatar produced by Machine.

5      SubAIMs

Visual Scene Description
Visual Object Identification
Automatic Speech Recognition
Natural Language Understanding
Personal Status Extraction
Entity Dialogue Processing
Audio-Visual Scene Rendering
Personal Status Display

6     JSON Metadata