Composite AIMs

Std AIWs AIM Name and Specification JSON
CAE ASD Audio Scene Description X

 Basic AIMs

AOMs in italic are not final

Std AIMs AIM Name and Specification JSON
CAE AAP Audio Analysis for Preservation X
AAT Audio Analysis Transform X
ADP Audio Description Packaging X
ADM Audio Description Multiplexing X
AMX Audio Descriptor Multiplexing X
AOI Audio Object Identification X
ASD Audio Scene Description X
ASE Audio Separation and Enhancement X
ASL Audio Source Localisation X
AST Audio Synthesis Transform X
EFP Emotion Feature Production X
PEI Prosodic Emotion Insertion X
NEI Neural Emotion Insertion X
NCM Noise Cancellation Module X
PAP Packaging for Audio Preservation X
SDS Speech Detection and Separation X
SF1 Speech Feature Analysis 1 X
SF2 Speech Feature Analysis 2 X
SFD Sound Field Description X
SMC Speech Model Creation X
SRA Speech Restoration Assembly X
SSR Speech Synthesis for Restoration X
TAR Tape Audio Restoration X
TIC Tape Irregularity Classification X
VAP Video Analysis for Preservation X