1       Definition

The Full Environment Representation (FER) is produced be the Autonomous Motion Subsystem by integrating:

  1. The BER from the Ego CAV.
  2. BER-related information received from other CAVs in range or Roadside Units.

2       Functional Requirements

The FER format shall satisfy the following requirements:

  1. The FER shall be an extension of the BER.
  2. Each element of the FER shall provide:
    1. The Identifier, Spatial Attitude, and Shape of the other CAVs.
    2. The value of major discrepancies between the elements of the Ego CAV’s BER and those of another CAV.
  3. The Objects in the FER may include additional semantics, such as:
    1. Flags (e.g., warning coming from other CAVs and RSUs).
    2. Platooning information indicating which objects belong to a platoon.
    3. Priority (e.g., the vehicle is a police car, an ambulance, a vehicle carrying hazardous material).
  4. The local Traffic Signal Configuration.
  5. The FER data structure shall allow for actions that are:
    1. deliberative, e.g.: the Obstacle Avoider should have fast access to data in the FER to get information useful to assess whether a Trajectory to be implemented collides with the estimated trajectories of an object.
    2. reactive, e.g., the Obstacle Avoider needs to find a Trajectory that avoids a new object whose trajectory is estimated to collide with the CAV.


The AMS may harvest available bandwidth and utilise it to send a version of the Full Environment Representation that is compatible with the available mobile bandwidth.

The AMS reconciles the different values by considering, e.g., the distance of the ego CAV from the object vs the distance of the other CAVs from the object.

3       Syntax

The MPAI Audio-Visual Scene Descriptors is a candidate for FER.

4       Semantics

The MPAI Audio-Visual Scene Descriptors is a candidate for FER.

5       Data Formats and Attributes

The Objects in the MPAI Audio-Visual Scene Descriptors may benefit from Attributes about the CAV that provided additional information.

6       To Respondents

Respondents are requested to:

  1. Comment on, extend, or reformulate the Functional Requirements.
  2. Comments on the use of the MPAI Audio-Visual Scene Descriptors to represent the Full Environment Representation.