This is the public page of the MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) standard providing technical information.  Also see the MPAI-MMM homepage.

Technical Specification: MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) – Architecture V1 is the first metaverse specification, published on 2023/09/29. Rather than specifying technologies that are often immature and evolving, MPAI-MMM – Architecture specifies the Terms, the Operation Model, and the Architecture composed of Processes performing Action on Items. It also specifies Functional Profiles.

Processes are: App, Device, Service, User.

Actions are:

  1. General Actions: Register, Change, Hide, Authenticate, Identify, Modify, Validate, Execute.
  2. Call a Service: Author, Discover, Inform, Interpret, Post, Transact, Convert, Resolve
  3. Manage Entities:
    1. Universe to Metaverse: UM-Animate, UM-Capture, UM-Render, UM-Send
    2. Metaverse to Metaverse: MM-Add, MM-Animate, MM-Disable, MM-Embed, MM-Enable, MM-Send
    3. Metaverse to Universe: MU-Actuate, MU-Render, MU-Send, Track

Items are:

  1. General: M-Instance, M-Capabilities, M-Environment, Identifier, Rules, Rights, Program, Contract
  2. Human and User: Account, Activity Data, Personal Profile, Social Graph, User Data
  3. Process Interaction: Message, P-Capabilities, Request-Action, Response-Action
  4. Service access: AuthenticateIn, AuthenticateOut, DiscoverIn, DiscoverOut, InformIn, InformOut, InterpretIn, InterpretOut
  5. Finance: Asset, Ledger, Provenance, Transaction, Value, Wallet
  6. Perception: Event, Experience, Interaction, Map, Model, Object, Scene, Stream, Summary
  7. Space: M-Location, U-Location

Ten Use Cases have been studied and successfully applied to verify the practical applicability of MPAI-MMM – Architecture standard:

  1. Virtual Lecture
  2. Virtual Meeting
  3. Hybrid working
  4. eSports Tournament
  5. Virtual performance
  6. AR Tourist Guide
  7. Virtual Dance
  8. Description
  9. Virtual Car Showroom
  10. Drive a Connected Autonomous Vehicle.

Four Profiles have been identified: Basic, Finance, Management, and High.

If you wish to participate in this work you have the following options

  1. Join MPAI
  2. Actively participate in the reference software implementation by sending an email to the MPAI Secretariat.
  3. Keep an eye on this page.

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