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Information search

1        Introduction

This Section identifies the functionalities of the services that enable humans to discover the information the need in a Metaverse Instance or in a specified group of Metaverse Instances.

2        Discovery

This subsection identifies and defines the Functionalities related to Information Discovery.

Area 8. Search
Subarea 8.1 Discovery
Title 8.1.1 Information collection
Description A Metaverse Manager or Operator collects, organises, and makes available to a Discovery Service Provider Users information about the Environments in their Metaverse Instance.
Comment This is a function similar to the one provided by today’s search engines.
Area 8. Search
Subarea 8.1 Discovery
Title 8.1.2 Search API
Description A Metaverse Environment exposes API enabling a search engine to access the Environment’s Metadata.
Comment This requires the specification of Environment Metadata such as content, events, services etc. offered, the type of Interoperability, the hardware functionalities required to access the content, free or pay, etc.
Area 8. Search
Subarea 8.1 Discovery
Title 8.1.3 Entity Search
Description Users can search for any type of Entities in one or more Metaverse Instances.
Comment A User can search for a particular NFT with attached conditions.
Area 8. Information search
Subarea 8.1 Discovery
Title 8.1.4 Global Metaverse Search
Description A User requests a Discovery Service Provider to discover an Entity, based on Rights acquired in Metaverse Environments or Instances.
Comments The User can specify their discovery requests by giving:

1.      Description

1.1.   Verbal description

1.2.   Exemplary Entity

2.      Search range

2.1.   Verbal description

2.2.   List of Instances/Environments to be searched.

3        Recommendation

This subsection identifies and defines the Functionalities related to Recommendations.

Area 8. Search
Subarea 8.2 Recommendation
Title 8.2.1 Notification
Description A Metaverse Environment notifies Users about potentially interesting Metaverse Experiences.
Comment A User has subscribed to a notification Service that notifies them of specific Events.


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