In the last few months, MPAI has substantially increased the number and the scope of its approved standards bringing the total to 11. The week of 11-15 March will be dedicated to presents 8 standards according to the plan below(times UTC: Japan and Korea +9, China +8, East Europe +2, Central Europe +1, East Europe 0, East Coast -5, West Coast -8).

Standard March Registr.
AI Framework (MPAI-AIF) 11 T16 Link
Multimodal Conversation (MPAI-MMC) 12 T14 Link
Object and Scene Description (MPAI-OSD) 12 T16 Link
Context-based Audio Enhancement (MPAI-CAE) 12 T17 Link
Connected Autonomous Vehicle (MPAI-CAV) – Architecture 13 T15 Link
Human and Machine Communication (MPAI-HMC) 13 T16 Link
Portable Avatar Format (MPAI-PAF) 14 T14 Link
MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) – Architecture 15 T15 Link

The link associated with the name of the standard takes you to the web page where you will find the web version of the standard.